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The open day of Cerklje ob Krki airbase 1/4 – The static display

On the 21st May Slovenian Armed Forces celebrated the 20th anniversary of its existence. Like as every year the head of Slovenian Army decided to open the gates in every major army bases in the country. Althought I’m from Novo mesto I decided to visit the Cerklje ob Krki airbase which is located around 40km away from my hometown. Anyway, as usually I will start the report with the static part of display. Nothing hardcore, just some whole and detail shots of airplanes and helicopters. And one APC.

The elegant Diamond DA20 Katana.

The singleprop acrobatic biplane Steen Skybolt 260.

Singleprop trainer Zlin 242L of Slovenian Air Force. Before the pilot takes the seat of Pilatus PC-9M, he learns on this good ol’ trusty Zlin.

From left to right: Eurocopter AS532AL Cougar, Bell 412EP and the Bell 206 Jet Ranger III.

The recent addition on Eurocopter AS (formerly Aérospatiale) 532AL Cougar for the missions in Afghanistan – one of the four IR and Laser warning receivers (and flare dispenser on the start of tail and accidentaly forgot to take picture of it).

The ‘office’ (where the all fun is) or just simply cockpit of Bell 412EP.

One of two gearboxes on tail driveshaft which leads to the tail rotor on Bell 412EP.

The engine of Bell 206 Jet Ranger III helicopter.

The LAU 7A and 19 launchers for 70 mm rockets ‘hooked’ on the wing of Pilatus PC-9M Hudournik (Swift).

And the infamous Dassault Falcon 2000 of Slovenian Ministry of the Interior. Safely stored in hangar … for the new buyer. Anyone interested? :)

And for the end, the 6×6 wheeled APC (armored personnel carrier) LKOV Valuk, which is derived from SSF Pandur, and named after first Slavic Duke of Carantania, Valuk.

I was using Nikon D70s with Nikkor 18-70mm lens. That’s the main reason why is the signature slightly larged because I forgot to scale it down in Photoshop. Anyway, second part will come up soon. Stay tuned!

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