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The open day of Cerklje ob Krki airbase 4/4 – SKOV 8×8 Svarun

21/06/2011 Leave a comment

And the last part of my report from Open day will be about last acquirement for Slovenian Armed Forces – the infamous Finnish Patria AMV. I’m not getting into the political details, but I can say that a bribery was used by Patria to secure Slovenian contract and as far as I know the investigation is still in the progress. Anyway, in the first place Slovenia ordered 135 APCs, but because of the financial crisis the number was lowered to 55, but this wasn’t officialy confirmed. It will be built in 4 derivatives. The first one is the unarmed transporter, second one is command mobile vehicle, third is armed with Kongsberg Protector M1511 turrets (with M2 .50 cal heavy machine gun) or with 40mm grenade launcher and the fourth one should be with 120mm NEMO mortar.

The name Svarun was chosen by members of 74. MOTB (Motorized Battalion of Slovenian Army)  when they got their first 13 Patrias. Svarun is a slovenian word for Svarog, a pagan god from Slavonic mythology, who was a creator of world and the first god of sun.

Technical specifications (a lot of numbers, you can skip this part):

Engine: DI (405kw/543hp) or DC 12 (360kW/480hp) Scania Diesel
Power/weight: 15.6 kW/t (at max weight)
Weight: 16,000 to 27,000 kg (35,000 to 60,000 lb)
Suspension: 8×8 wheeled, independent hydropneumatic suspension
Operational range: 600-850 km (370-530 mi)
Speed: Over 100 km/h (60mph)

And my pictures of the version with Protector M1511:

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