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The open day of Cerklje ob Krki airbase 3/4 – The flying part 2

15/06/2011 1 comment

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The open day of Cerklje ob Krki airbase 1/4 – The static display

09/06/2011 Leave a comment

On the 21st May Slovenian Armed Forces celebrated the 20th anniversary of its existence. Like as every year the head of Slovenian Army decided to open the gates in every major army bases in the country. Althought I’m from Novo mesto I decided to visit the Cerklje ob Krki airbase which is located around 40km away from my hometown. Anyway, as usually I will start the report with the static part of display. Nothing hardcore, just some whole and detail shots of airplanes and helicopters. And one APC.

The elegant Diamond DA20 Katana.

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Frecce Tricolori 50th anniversary airshow – Rivolto 2010 – 3. part: Krila Oluje, AMX International AMX, AB-212, Royal Jordanian Falcons

17/11/2010 2 comments

The simultaneous take-off.
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Frecce Tricolori 50th anniversary airshow – Rivolto 2010 – 2. part: AB-212, MB.339, Team Iskry, Panavia Tornado

08/11/2010 3 comments

Officialy the beginning of airshow should be around 10.30, but we’ve had to wait for almost a hour. Obviously the Italians just aren’t themselves if they’re not late. The sound of Italian Agusta Bell 212 at around 11 o’clock was for me a sufficient apology for all that waiting. It’s just epic.

Italian Agusta Bell 212 which bore Italian flag with a crewman waving at crowd, announced the beginning of  ‘Frecce Tricolori 50th anniversary airshow’ with flying over airfield strip.
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Letalski miting Kecskemet 2010, 2. del – statika

07/09/2010 3 comments

No, pa sva končno prišla do letališča, kjer se odvija letalski miting Kecskemet Air Show 2010. Vreme je bilo še vedno oblačno, toda za fotografiranje statike je bilo čisto v redu. Če še si niste ogledali prvega dela, kliknite sem. Vse slike se da povečati z klikom nanje.

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