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Frecce Tricolori 50th anniversary airshow – Rivolto 2010 – Last part: Patrouille de France, Red Arrows, Eurofighter Typhoon, MD-500, Frecce Tricolori

09/01/2011 Leave a comment

This is the last part of the Frecce Tricolori 50th anniversary airshow and this is my first post of this year. Anyway, I wish happy New Year to all my readers. Let’s cut the chatter and post some pictures.

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Frecce Tricolori 50th anniversary airshow – Rivolto 2010 – 1. part, static display

27/10/2010 4 comments

Better late than never! The 50th anniversary airshow for Frecce Tricolori took the place in Italian Air Force Base (AFB) Rivolto near the town of Udine and was lasting from Saturday 11th till Sunday 12th of September. The decision was made to attend the Sunday airshow because Red Arrows participated only on that day. Before we arrived to Udine city, we drove at least 3 hours from Ljubljana. The trip was smooth and it went on without any major traffic jams. Now the time was around 9:32 and before the airshow began I decided to take some walk around the base and take some photos of aircraft in static display.

Alenia Aermacchi MB.339PAN – This one is used by Frecce Tricolori and it has characteristic blue color, with red, white and green lines marking an Italian flag.
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Letalski miting Kecskemet 2010, 2. del – statika

07/09/2010 3 comments

No, pa sva končno prišla do letališča, kjer se odvija letalski miting Kecskemet Air Show 2010. Vreme je bilo še vedno oblačno, toda za fotografiranje statike je bilo čisto v redu. Če še si niste ogledali prvega dela, kliknite sem. Vse slike se da povečati z klikom nanje.

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